Four records of The 1st Fruit Festival of Vietnam

The 1st fruit festival of Vietnam in 2010 at Tien Giang had been opened in April 19th and operated in 1 weeks by many interesting activities record in festival was established and registered by CAT Binh Minh JSC (CAT Event)

The record of longest dragon in Vietnam drawn by graffiti -  Photo by CAT Event
This is the art work, leant on the subject of Festival “Tien Giang mo hoi – Song hoa Rong, cho cay lanh trai ngot” and being towards to the great festival day 1000 years of Thang Long - Hanoi. CAT Binh Minh JSC (CAT Event) had organized 40 painters, from Hue & Ho Chi Minh City to carry out the the Graffiti painting which was set up on Hung Vuong boulevard of My Tho City

The square of painting was coming up 2.000m2 (400mL, 5mH), the executing work time for painting frame (costly 12 tons of steel) had been taken half of month (from March 20th to April 2nd). CEO of CAT Event, it is said that it takes 1 months for 40 painters to complete the pattern on the dragon’s body painting, the painting contest for children will be held at the dragon’s leg with the subject “I love my homeland” 

It is designed in 28m length and 7m height by fresh fruit. The real demension of gate is reach 9m height, 35m length of gliding. The industrious workers had produced from March 19th to April 18th and rush hour in 19 hours per day

The main material of welcome gate is fresh fruit. The scale of dragon is put together by 15.000 areca nuts. They were collected from Ben Tre, Soc Trang and Hue. Besides, there’re many kinds of specify fruit to decorate the gate as chili… It’s the record of Vietnam biggest welcome gate made of fruits 

The square of map has been 6m height & 8m length, made by many specify food of Vietnam’s area as Bac Giang litchi, elegant fruit Hưng Yên, Hoa Binh apricot, Da Lat strawbery, avocado and almost Mekong delta fruits. The Tien Giang fruits are Hoa Loc mango, Lo Ren star apple, blue dragon.
The art work is 1m width, 4m height, 10m length, which are arranged such as: the symmetric axis of dragon & phoenix and the reaching of strong unicorn above and festival’s logo behind the graphic mass. The shape of turtule is towards to