Our team

To develope and reach to international level, CAT Event touchs the subconscious of all members, inspires the feeling of success to create a accompanying team. All of CAT Event members is in a team, accompanying in all the ways together with burning team spirit always.

It helps CAT Event to do a lot of bigger things than its own ability because the strength is calculated by multiplying rather than the normal sum. That is the “CAT Event chain of added values”.

In any meeting of the project, CAT Event new members are often surprised at the hosts the preamble. Its always a message of culture 9 / 1, of which only 1 / 10 the quality of attention devoted to the report, the rest 9 / 10 is remaining specifically to find the causes and solutions to overcome these shortcomings. This is really simple but very different, which makes each CAT Event member penetrates all philosophy that means everything for the perfection, all the customers for which the CAT Event founders has built since the beginning of the company.

With the major staff who has over 10-years-experience in operating the specialist field non-stop, we formed a very high stability structure. CAT Event always keep a red thread throughout all of our services, that thread is a standard and class as CAT Event brand committed on every small details of the event.